Restoration Professionals

We understand that as homeowners you there may be aspects of your house you would like to preserve. We understand that aspects of your house like original wooden doors or even the kitchen cabinet you currently have are worth preserving. Our restoration experts find ways to not only bring these aspects of your home back to life but to add to the longevity of it. The process of these types of projects is to be handled with carefulness and intentionality. Allow for us to show you our process for restorations:

Interior Restoration

Step 1: Protecting the work area

Step 2: Stripping

Step 3: Sanding

Step 4: Caulking

Step 5: Applying stain or clear coatings

Step 6: Review work

Step 7: Cleanup

Part of Interior Restoration Services would include cabinets, baseboards, any type of interior millwork.

Exterior Restoration

Step 1: Protecting the work area

Step 2: Masking

Step 3: Stripping

Step 4: Sanding

Step 5: Caulking

Step 6: Apply stain or clear coatings

Step 7: Review work

Step 8: Cleanup

Part of Exterior Restoration Services would include doors, balcony, and any type of exterior millwork.

Keep in mind that this whole process has the carefulness that may be required when bringing original doors or kitchen cabinets back to life. We understand that these aspects of all homes are the most utilized so having a long-lasting restoration with Grow Painting LLC is always a must.